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Auld Soul

by James Keyes



Old souls make old friends,
I’ll see you when you come around again
Blow wind blow my way,
this summer breeze is not a guest to stay

This gift won’t last forever
so I ain’t holding back no more
Are you what you are, what you what owe,
what you believe or what you know?

Let your eyes tell the story
words could never find the mouths to tell
Have faith in the wild world,
owe nothing to what haven’t made

I believe in wisdom as a status symbol not in greed
Paper ain’t worth fighting for ask any decent human being

So put your heat up on your sleeve
If you believe in what you seek you will find it
Catch a wave catch a ray
and when you do just say hooray and don’t define it
All the minutes of the day add up in such a way that seems so final
So remove time from your mind and just see what is that is right now


released November 1, 2019
James Keyes - vocals, guitars, bass
Penelope Alizarin Conley - additional guitar
GBenny - drums

Mixed and Mastered by Spike Katz at Mobile Mic Studios


all rights reserved



James Keyes

Six string dream slinging musical maestro, teller of tall tales and short stories, social media soliloquist, blues shouter, country crooner Rocknroll raconteur and avant folk rambler, pint quaffer, shot shooter, foot stomper, soul singer, rain bringer, and left fingered proletariat provocateur. ... more

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