by James Keyes



"Ruminations, a tough no-bullshit set of songs sitting pissed and drunken between Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and Waylon Jennings,
most of the tracks stripped down to basics and hiding from nothing. " - Mark S. Tucker, FAME (Apr 22, 2010)


released April 1, 2010

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Blake
Toad Hall Studio, Douglas MA.

Steve Blake: Guitar, track 1, bass track 2
Morgan Freeman: Bass, tracks 1,4,9,10,14
Greg Sullivan: Drums, dobro, track 13
Jim Berkeley: Banjo and mandolin, track 11
Jason James: Piano, track 2
Alex Nagorski: Death horn, track 15
Boston and Maine String Band: vocals, track 15



all rights reserved


James Keyes

Six string dream slinging musical maestro, teller of tall tales and short stories, social media soliloquist, blues shouter, country crooner Rocknroll raconteur and avant folk rambler, pint quaffer, shot shooter, foot stomper, soul singer, rain bringer, and left fingered proletariat provocateur. ... more

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Track Name: Hardliner
You can call it home but it aint where your heart is
Wake up every day trying to get back where you started
You're both sides of the coin, you're born to rock n' roll
Hear them church bells singing a thousand years from home
Been down every road
Waiting to find the one that leads you home

I walk a hard line in, there aint no easy way
I've got some shine a little wisdom with my age
Learned a thing or two... forgot a couple more
All I've got is time ahead, that's what I'll use it for

How did you make your way
Wasting thoughts and wasting days
Wasting time on wasted pages, rambling along
Spent a night or two with friends now gone,
Singing blues and thinking, drinking everything away
Lazy days got along and we all just moved on
Scattered like leaves into the wind
Track Name: Two Mirror
There might not be a memory but don’t regret the sight of me
If you want me to I’ll stay the night
But in the morning I’ll be gone

This world is not my home
I can’t keep on keeping on
There won’t be any good morning kisses
Always hope for something new

I can’t help you find your way
With that broken heart you cry all day
Track Name: It's All Easy
It's all easy but for the trying
Give a little and I'm sure you'll find your way
It's so close now, 'cept for the walking
Like when you're stumbling drunk and looking for your bed
It's so simple, but for the trying
I'm sure you've done it once or twice before
It's all so clear now, like when you're dying
And you finally given up on all your dreams

Gather all your rising tides now
I cant believe what sets you free
That cemetery touch is all you ever had,
so keep your hands away from me
Track Name: Dream Endless
There's no more time for hurrying is there
Sky is falling, water on the rise
I don't mind taking it slowly
Sleight of hand will push it all away

Dream endless, always remember the way

My kind of night will out-burn the candle
Break of day will show what we've done
Sky is bruised, helpless and bleeding
Drink your fill, a toast to the end
Track Name: Work Song
Listen mister cant you see I'm trying to make a living here
Shifting and shoveling this load
I aint much for conversation,
so I'd kindly appreciate you moving on and leaving me alone

Oh Lord, don't want to dig no more
Oh Lord I'm just getting by
Oh Lord don't want to haul no more
When you gonna come and take me home?

Everyday I try to find a thought that I can get behind
Something just to get me through the day
Whiskey , love or singing songs… nothing seems to last that long
What else is there for me to do but pray
Track Name: Where Have You Been
Lover, where have you been?
Our home is in the wind
Are you worried the truth is out
Intentions worn with doubt

Oh dont you know the end is near
Words seldom mean what you hear
It's in the air, it's all around
In every move and every sound

Lover, where have you been?
The weeds are creeping in
Have you noticed the fire's out
Trees are gone and the road's washed out
Track Name: Black Ceiling
Black ceiling, walls and a floor
Aint ever coming back here no more
Window's cracked, lets in the snow
Spring rain's coming soon and I gotta go

Water spraying over the wall
Ocean come and get you, leave nothing at all
Wind's wailing leaving nothing at rest
Coming like a freight train over my head

Time has come again for leaving, lock up the door
Time has come again for leaving
I can't stay here no more

Woke up at the end of a buck
A hard time is knowing when you're shit outta luck
Cold wind whipping your back,
sun like a silhouette all going black

Leaving on the only road out
The only way to get gone is to get on without
Train dreaming runs through my head
Worcester/Providence line running outside my bed
Track Name: Goodbye
Goodbye my darlin' I've got to go
Got to leave you here alone once again
I can't stay sleeping, the highway calls
You know our time is not ours today

I hate to leave you this way
But when the sun comes I'll be gone

Goodbye my darlin' it's time to leave
A kiss goodbye while you're dreaming one for me
But when you wake up don't be sad
I'll see you when the last sunlight brings me back

I hate to leave you this way
But when the dawn comes I'll be gone
Track Name: When Will I Be Free
Oh when will I be free
Maybe someday, but not today
How I wander by and by
And I dont know when I'll return

When the shadows disappear and the night time is no more
When the Holy fires fall from the sky
When the oceans rise up and swallow me down
Maybe then I will be free

The road is long but I must go
And I dont know when I'll return
Track Name: Little Lamb
White horse brings this story
Red horse, the sword of war
Black horse, scales of famine
Pale horse, death and Hades
Oh Little Lamb, your riders come this way
Times of trouble for all men
Little Lamb lead the way
Track Name: You Got Nothing
You got pills, you got booze, always crying that you're born to lose
People come around you don't even know their names
You got smoked and you're broke
"Buddy can you spare a dime"
Just another day trying to prove that you're alive

When you wake up another day is gone
It's so easy to lose them all
Close your eyes remember hard, try to get back to the start
You got nothing if you've got nothing to break your heart

There ain't a thing that you can think of that'll make you feel at peace
Temptation is that friend who's always there
The devil's got no army just a couple of good ideas
Whispering that song to you that you love to hear

There's no more rage, no more dying of the light
All your fear won't lay to rest
There's no moon, no stars and no fire light
Just those ghosts pulling you back into the night
Track Name: SSG
She came on like a poison halo smile, said her dreams have no skies
Fumbling for honest words to lie about, the things I do I don’t know why

I’ll be alright if I stay with you tonight, hold you body next to mine
Don’t be afraid, tomorrow’s still a world away
Kiss me now, I’ve gotta go home

I’m where I land, I’m gravity’s man, fly like a death trip to the sun
Those cigarettes cant hide you hands from me
Dig or die in obscurity
Track Name: Come Down
Run for your mothers
run for your sons
run for your fathers run for your guns
Water's coming down gonna free your soul
Rain's coming down gonna wash away

Come Down

Run for your sisters
Run for you loves
Run from the rain coming from above
Run for your freedom, but nothing's gonna come
The rain's coming down, gonna wash you all away