Honey-drunk all sheets to the wind,
Waiting for the Green Man to come back again
Ground splits open, who do I see...
Up come little Persephone
She comes for the lovers, her breath is the spring
Blowing her sweet kisses on the Lazarus Tree

It's seen a hundred generations of man come and go
It's seen flood it's seen fire but its roots still grow
Some have tried to steal its treasures, as mankind often does
But it comes back stronger than it ever was
Men will always fight and die pretending they are free
Falling like the blossoms of the Lazarus Tree

Been cut, been axed, been burned but it keeps coming back
Now some might see their fortunes in the leaves of their tea
I see the future in the limbs of the Lazarus Tree

Murder of crows staring down at me, from the cooked old branches
of the Lazarus Tree


from To The Earth (Volume III, Vernal), released March 20, 2017
Jay Scheffler - Harmonica
Brooks Milgate - Piano



all rights reserved


James Keyes

Six string dream slinging musical maestro, teller of tall tales and short stories, social media soliloquist, blues shouter, country crooner Rocknroll raconteur and avant folk rambler, pint quaffer, shot shooter, foot stomper, soul singer, rain bringer, and left fingered proletariat provocateur. ... more

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