All your big ideas in flames, each a nail in your coffin brain
Work for illusions and linger on
Is it shadow or is it shade, how long since the band has played?
Sing me that old song one more time

How many times will you rise up again
How many times will you return
How many times will we go around again
In the end we move the same

She sleeps in alkahest, distilled like all the rest
Still looking for that mystery
Cut it up and rearrange youth really shows your age
Lost like a dream song in the night


from To The Earth (Volume III, Vernal), released March 20, 2017
Duncan Arsenault - Drums
Jeff Burch - Bass



all rights reserved


James Keyes

Six string dream slinging musical maestro, teller of tall tales and short stories, social media soliloquist, blues shouter, country crooner Rocknroll raconteur and avant folk rambler, pint quaffer, shot shooter, foot stomper, soul singer, rain bringer, and left fingered proletariat provocateur. ... more

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